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What do you charge?

Services are provided on a sliding scale, dependent on the dynamics of the case. We aim to remain competitive with our pricing and do not charge any additional fees or premiums.

How is working with you different to a regular Realtor?

As Harold has dedicated his career and training to understanding the nuances of divorce-centered real estate transactions, he is able to identify and provide solutions for potential issues that other non-specified Realtors may be completely unaware of. 

Are you certified?

Harold is part of the founding class of Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts (CDRE®) and is always attending industry training to ensure his knowledge of current matters is unparalleled. 

Will I have to speak with my ex-partner during the process?

When working with us, we assume by default that there is no communication between parties. We ensure you are both kept fully informed about the status and process of your transaction, separately and in confidence.

Do you communicate with my attorney?

Yes. We understand that timely communication is key to preventing attorney fees from spiraling out of control and will provide relevant documents and updates as needed.

What if there is a restraining order?

We are experienced in handling complex cases involving restraining orders and will ensure they are not violated.

Do you work with investors that will buy my home as -is?

Harold’s established background as an investor himself has afforded him many contacts he can call upon in the event that a home requires a fast sale or is in such disrepair that it will not qualify for financing.

Do you have a minimum or maximum price point for the homes you sell?

No. We serve all types of cases, listing homes that vary from uninhabitable to luxury estates and everything in between. Harold’s extensive experience enables him to provide a tailored approach to each individual case.

Can you list vacant land or commercial properties?

Yes, we have Commercial partners who will co-list vacant land and commercial properties.

Will you help me find a home to buy?

Yes. We are able to recommend several lenders who specialize in Divorce Lending (CDLP®) and will be able to provide various financing options for you, as well as connecting you with an agent in our office to represent you in your new home purchase.

Do you testify in court?

Yes. As part of Harold’s CDRE® designation, he is well trained in this area and can confidently and efficiently testify before judicial officers. 

What areas do you serve?

We predominantly serve the Bay Area including the counties of San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo.

How do you market my home?

One of the benefits of working with a divorce real estate specialist is that we are able to provide additional services that go above and beyond a traditional listing. From detailed Fair Market Valuation reporting to project co-ordination on renovations, staging, professional photography and exquisite marketing material, we ensure that your home is presented in the best light possible.


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